Frequently Asked Questions


Registration is open to all companies operating in the Perak State.

Registration is open to all employees and family members of employees at the company that registers

The quotation will be sent to you within 7 working days after registration.

The list of employees as well as the choice of program location must be provided during the registration process

● If your number of participants exceeds 300 participants, vaccination can be done at the premises of your company.

● If your number of participants is less than 300 participants, vaccination will be carried out at our vaccination center at Ar RIdzuan Hospital


The program will officially commence on 1st July 2021

The common side effects are pains at the site of injection. Other side effects are headaches, muscle pains, fever /chills, joint pains, swelling at the injection site, nausea, weight loss and swelling of the spleen nodes.

No. However employers should take necessary precautions to ensure that their employees are not Covid-19 positive immediately prior to vaccination

Yes. Covid-19 patient is eligible for vaccination after 6-months post-infection.

Individuals with the following criteria are not eligible to receive the vaccine:
● Previous severe allergic reactions to the vaccine (e.g., acute anaphylaxis, angioedema, dyspnea);

● Individuals who are hypersensitive or known to be allergic to any component (active ingredients or excipients or any material used in process) of the vaccine or similar vaccine;

● Individuals who are undergoing cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy);

● Individuals who underwent organ transplants such as kidney or blood stem cells within 3 months before vaccination;

● Individuals with low platelet count (<50,000 per microlitre);

● Individuals who have a fever due to a viral/bacterial infection;

● Individuals receiving treatment with monoclonal antibodies or blood plasma as treatment for COVID-19 within 3 months prior to vaccination;

● Individuals with HIV disease (CD4 white blood cells <200 cells/mL);

● Pregnant and lactating women

No. Employers will need to purchase the vaccine for their employees.

Seventy percent (70%) confirmation payment shall be made upon booking.

The remaining thirty percent (30%) thereof shall be made on same date as the first employee who receive vaccination.


Cancellation of registration is not necessary. Upon the expiry of the quotation given, the system will automatically cancel your registration.

Your registration is successful and complete when you receive a booking ID.

The feature to edit or update your registration details will be available soon.